About Us

MRodin Features

  • The most competitive price

Comparing MRodin’s machines to machines with similar specifications and qualities, they are extremely competitive in price, because MRodin is standing on the shoulders of a giant as a skilled assembling factory, we purchase suitable parts in the best price with very low R&D and management cost.

  • The reliable credit standard of its partners

In the past all MRodin partners build quality brands and stable sales nets all over the world, not only supplying high quality machines but also providing faithful services, which makes dealers and users cooperate and trust in new products.

  • The most thoughtful customization for market personalization

We are most flexible in customization OEM for different markets and reply to brand needs, for any changes in design, structure, color or functions. Whatever you need we are ready to supply.


MRodin manufactures all machines in our workshop located at Biilbao to ensure that every detail is perfect and our machines are always standby to delivery to your place.


Our components are top brands and 100% inspected before installation.Unique testing proceeding makes each machine flawlessly.


A comprehensive after-sales service by telephone,face-to-face assistance and an online service of video tutorials to solve doubts easily and give the opportunity to learn new capabilities of our laser machines.

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