Laser Cleaning

Laser Cleaning

Advantages of laser cleaning

Laser cleaning will become the preferred cleaning method in the future

Mechanical cleaning

Mechanical cleaning

• No cleaning
• Damaged surface
• High-labor intensity
• Bad consistency
Ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning

• Size limited
• Unstable quality
• Consumable
• Only suitable for cleaning attached particles
Chemical cleaning

Chemical cleaning

• Environment pollution
• High consumable costs
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Technology Advantages

• Precisely controllable: cleaning area, cleaning thickness is precisely controllable
• Quality consistency: Uniform and consistent over the lifetime of the laser
• Intelligent: easy to detect and control, process intelligence
• No damage: only surface contaminants are removed
• Easy operation: Automatic, handheld and online Technology Advantages Social & Economic Advantages
• Environmental protection: no chemical reagents, no noise
• Maintenance-free: no wearing parts
• Low operating costs: no consumables, less electricity
• Improve the working environment and greatly reduce manpower: solve the difficulty employing workers

Principle of Laser Cleaning

Principle of Laser Cleaning
Surface oil of stainless steel wheel cleaning
Stainless steel welding oxide layer removal
The laser beam emitted by the laser is absorbed by the contaminated layer on the surface to treated.
The absorption of the large energy forms a rapidly expanding plasma (a highly ionized unstable gas) that generates a shock wave.
The shock wave causes the pollutants to evaporate or peel off instantaneously.
With correct laser parameters and optimal wavelength, the base material will not be damaged or melted.
Layer on inner surface engine cylinder removal
Bearing degreasing

Laser Cleaning Application & Solution

Applied Industry
Car surrounding/ship/rail transit
Rubber mold/environmental protection
industry, etc
• Metal Surface Rust Removal
• Surface paint removal
• Surface oil, stain, dirt cleaning
• Surface plating and coating
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